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Social capital

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ntip на Free-lance.ru

--------------------Geek-code v3.12------------------
GCS/CM d->-- s: !a C++ ULA++++* P+ H+ L+++ E--- W+++>
N o+ K w O- M++ V- PS+++ PE+++ Y++ PGP+ t+ 5++ X+++
R+++ tv-- b+>++++ DI D++ G++ e$>++++ h$>---- r-->!

----------------UPDATE for Geek-R 1.3----------------
c8 hw++ B+ F I* cc+ pn-- pr+ ln sl+ sw eq++ Y++ h++
sx+ gSqi m++ hu mt+ ph- co-- ck- ho++ n%>+(--) p-
r x+ A+ he-- sm+ sp


И на забываем:

We're crazy trying to find secrets of reality...
but there is no reality! (С)


армия, религия, кино, литература, музыка, еда, путешествия, напитки

Social capital

  • less than 10